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Laser tattoo removal is the most innovative way to safely and permanently remove unwanted tattoos. Leading aesthetic skincare experts Timothy J. McCarren, MD, Sonja A. Heuker, MD, and their team use the Cutera® Enlighten™ laser system for tattoo removal. The team at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa in Cincinnati customizes your laser tattoo removal treatment plan. Schedule a consultation over the phone or use the online booking feature.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal works by breaking up the ink pigments embedded into your skin. Because each ink color absorbs a different laser wavelength, a laser tattoo removal system that targets each shade, no matter how bright or dark, is critical. The Cutera Enlighten laser system at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa has three wavelengths, essential for removing the different ink colors.

During your treatments, the system’s unique pulse duration and energy level technology safely destroy ink pigments without damaging surrounding skin.

In the following weeks after your treatment, your body flushes out those broken down pigments, leaving only your natural skin tone behind. You can choose to remove an entire tattoo or just part of it, like if you want a name taken out.

Do I need more than one laser tattoo removal session?

The Cutera Enlighten laser system can’t break down all the ink pigments in one session. So, depending on your skin tone and tattoo colors, you typically need three to eight treatments.

Your laser tattoo removal practitioner lets you know how many appointments you’re likely to require. Expect to wait about one month between each session to give your body time to flush away those broken down ink particles and heal.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

The sensation of getting a tattoo and having it removed is similar. Tattoos in sensitive areas, like your ribcage, may increase the amount of pain. You have the option of adding a topical numbing cream to your tattoo removal plan during your consultation appointment.

The Cutera Enlighten system at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa uses multiple laser wavelengths that remove your tattoo much quicker than less-advanced systems. So even if you feel some level of pain, it’s comforting to know the treatment session is as short as possible.

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