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As you start getting older, you lose facial volume and start developing wrinkles (something you might not want others to notice). With JUVÉDERM® and the face filler treatments selected by Timothy J. McCarren, MD and Sonja A. Heuker, MD at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa in Cincinnati, you can reverse those signs of aging. Most men and women notice an improvement almost immediately after treatment. Find out how fillers can enhance your appearance by scheduling a consultation either online or over the phone.

Facial Fillers Q & A

How do facial fillers work?

Losing collagen and elastin — proteins responsible for keeping your skin smooth and tight — as you age is normal. JUVÉDERM is a hyaluronic acid facial filler that restores volume and fills in the wrinkles due to collagen and elastin loss.

As a hyaluronic acid filler, JUVÉDERM plumps by attracting moisture and delivering essential nutrients that restore and replenish your skin. JUVÉDERM, as well as similar face fillers, are ideal for:

  • Plumping your lips and cheeks
  • Smoothing lines around your nose and mouth
  • Contouring your chin and jawline

There are several types of JUVÉDERM and similar dermal fillers including Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Vollura, Juvederm Volbella, Radiasse, Belotero. That’s why it’s critical to talk with an expert at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa to discover which is best for you. In some cases, you might need different kinds of fillers during the same treatment to achieve the best results.

Are facial filler injections permanent?

JUVÉDERM, as well as other Allergan and Merz types of dermal fillers, aren’t permanent. Most men and women enjoy optimal results for at least one year, although some types of face fillers can last up to two years.

Your practitioner tells you how long you should expect the results to last from the type of dermal filler you select.

Are facial filler injections painful?

Your JUVÉDERM or facial injection treatment shouldn’t be painful, although you might feel some initial stinging or burning that lasts for a few seconds. This sensation is similar to receiving a flu shot. Some areas of your body, including your lips, are more sensitive than others.

If you’re worried about pain, you can request a topical numbing solution. It takes about 30 minutes or more for those numbing creams to work, so you must apply them before your appointment time. Applying ice for a few minutes before injections can numb your skin’s nerves and take the edge of any pain you might feel.

Find out how JUVÉDERM and face fillers can benefit you by scheduling a consultation at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa. Book an appointment by calling the clinic or using the online scheduling feature.