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Sunspots are discolored patches on your skin that develop because of excessive UV-ray exposure. Cincinnati’s leading dermatology team -- Timothy J. McCarren, MD and Sonja A. Heuker, MD -- specializes in sunspot treatment and prevention. When you book your sunspot analysis at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa, the team works to find just the right treatment for you. Then, you can start on a path to healthier, more even-toned skin.


Why do I have sunspots?

When you expose your skin to the sun’s powerful UV rays — or visit tanning salons regularly — your skin tries to protect itself. Your skin produces excess melanin to prevent burning, which results in dark pigmentation. These dark spots should fade over time, but as you age, the spots don’t fade as easily.

Sunspots look like freckles but larger. They’re likely to appear on areas that get the most sun exposure, such as your shoulders, chest, hands, and nose. If you’re fair skinned, you’re more likely to develop sunspots than your friend with darker skin.  

How are sunspots treated?

Treating sunspots sometimes begins with removing the damaged layer of skin. The team at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa specializes in providing Cutera® or Sciton® laser treatments to minimize the appearance of sunspots. With the microlaser peel, for instance, the laser gently removes the top layer of your skin and provides immediate results.

Photofacial rejuvenation is another treatment for sunspots. The clinic’s advanced photofacial treatment system restores your skin’s natural pigment, which gradually evens out your skin tone, by using broadband light technology.

Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa also provides a full line of SkinCeuticals® and Neocutis® skincare solutions. These clinical-grade products are ideal for helping your skin continue to heal after a custom sunspot laser treatment and for helping to reverse the signs of sun damage and aging.

Can I prevent sunspots?

You can minimize your risk of sunspots and their severity with daily use of a moisturizing sunscreen. The SkinCeuticals and Neocutis lines at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa feature plenty of options.

After your treatment, you can prevent new sun spots from forming by following these recommendations:

  • Cover your skin during peak hours — 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Wear long sleeves and a wide-brimmed hat outdoors
  • Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily

Schedule your sunspot removal consultation at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa by calling the clinic or booking online.