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Many women and men struggle to get rid of acne. As leading dermatology experts in Cincinnati, Timothy J. McCarren, MD and Sonja A. Heuker, MD can find the right acne solution for your skin problems. Their team at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa offers professional acne skin care treatments, as well as clinical-grade acne products. Find out more by booking a skin analysis either over the phone or online.

Acne Q & A

Why do I have acne?

A certain amount of oil is essential for delivering age-fighting vitamin E and other nutrients to your skin. You get acne when too much oil causes dirt, skin cells, and other debris to become trapped in pores. If you have extra sebaceous glands, your acne may be more severe.

Typically, the major causes of excess oil and acne are:

  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Lifestyle
  • Genetics

You might be prone to occasional acne breakouts in the areas where oil and sweat build up during a workout, or across your forehead if you wear a hat. Breakouts can also occur along your jawline if you rest your head on your hands a lot, or frequently touch your face.

Foods that cause inflammation, such as fried foods, can also lead to acne breakouts. Your practitioner works with you to find the likely culprit of your acne and create a customized solution.

Which acne treatment should I use?

Chances are, you’re going to need several types of acne treatments to help soothe your skin and prevent future breakouts. The team at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa offer Sciton® laser resurfacing and combination laser treatments to help bring back your healthy, acne-free skin.

Laser treatments gently remove the damaged surface layer of your skin while stimulating the growth of new skin cells and collagen in a single treatment. After treatment, your skin heals and continues to regenerate.

You can also opt for a custom package of acne skin care products to use at home, including SkinCeuticals® and Neocutis® solutions. These clinical-grade acne treatments help treat current acne blemishes and are scientifically proven to restore skin and prevent future breakouts.

How can I prevent acne breakouts?

You can feel confident that your dedicated skincare expert is going to counsel you on how to prevent future acne and acne scarring. They find the exact SkinCeuticals or Neocutis solution to fit your needs, and they spend time showing you how to care for your skin at home.

Part of your acne prevention plan may also include:

  • Laser resurfacing treatments
  • Broadband light therapy

If you have acne scars, combining laser skin resurfacing with dermal filler injections can minimize their appearance and prevent future scarring.

Schedule your acne skin analysis at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa either over the phone or online.