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BOTOX® is the number one selling product of its kind in the world. With millions of effective BOTOX treatments already performed and extensive studies, you can feel confident that your anti-aging treatment is safe. When you meet with Timothy J. McCarren, MD or Sonja A. Heuker, MD, they discuss your concerns and tell you what to expect during your BOTOX session. Schedule a consultation at Timeless Aesthetics MedSpa in Cincinnati over the phone or online.

Botox/Xeomin Q & A

What causes wrinkles?

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles comes with age. When the wrinkles arise depends on your genetics and exposure to UV rays from sunbathing or tanning beds throughout your lifetime. The cause of wrinkles, lines, and grooves stems from two factors: the loss of connective tissue and a decrease in fat.

Collagen and elastin — connective tissues that make your skin tight and firm —  line your skin. These connective tissues naturally break down as you age, causing age-related wrinkles. You may also develop lines because you start to lose the layer of fat under your skin that gives your skin an even, supple texture.

After losing the connective tissue and fat, your facial muscles start working closer to the surface of your skin. Then when you make a facial expression, your skin forms lines because those muscles pull and tug. This process causes wrinkles, lines, and grooves between your eyes, across your forehead, and around your mouth.

How does BOTOX work?

BOTOX relaxes facial muscles that cause wrinkles. Because your muscles stop tensing up, your skin almost instantly smooths, taking years off your face. Results are natural looking, so no one can tell you had treatments, and you can still make your regular facial expressions.

BOTOX also works for minimizing excessive sweating, because it relaxes nerves that send signals to sweat glands. Injections are even beneficial for improving chronic migraine headaches caused by frequent muscle contractions.

Is BOTOX permanent?

The effects of BOTOX are temporary. Most men and women who undergo anti-aging treatments notice that the benefits wear off after about four months. The results of your BOTOX injections may last longer if you have finer lines or minimal signs of aging.

If you’re getting BOTOX to minimize sweating, expect your results to last about six months.

If you’re receiving treatments to minimize migraine headache pain, BOTOX decreases the muscle contractions that cause headaches, for about three months.

After the BOTOX wears off, you make appointments for repeat treatments as desired.

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